Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quantum Consciousness

 Observation causes a continuous propagation of wave-functions.

An experience equals having propagated a wave-function. The propagation of a previous wave-function, equals a correspondence with the event.

A question from person A asks a person to propagate a memory of experience x:

"Did x happen?"

If x did, or didn't happen depends on if x was propagated by the observer in a past experience.

x's validity = past propagation

If person A asks person B what happened and they have not observed what happened to B, validity of x increases in uncertainty.

Observation = Increase in certainty.

Will x happen?

1. Personal -- An event will happen depending on the ability of the person to do and choice to do x.
2. Non-personal -- An event will happen according to physical laws of the interacting systems.

Not doing x:
The entropy/collapse of a wave-function equals intensity of aversion as a ratio to pleasure of the wave function.

Doing x:
The decreased entropy/propagation of wave-function equals to intensity of pleasure in ratio to the aversion to to the wave function.

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