Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Categorization of Positive and Negative Emotion


A) Care/pleasure/love - affection, giving, lust, love, infatuation.
B) Care/gain of positive - content, happiness, elation, bliss.
C) Gain of relationship positive - friend, family member, mate.
D) Interest --zest, thrill.
E,F) Desire for existence - relief, accept, want, crave, obsess/need.
G) Success - pride, triumph.
H) Neglect - Lack of provisions, and affection.
J) Optimism/Hope is positive future tense consciousness, that should exist in the prediction of anything positive that may happen in the future.
K) Forgiveness


-A) Threat/pain - anxiety, fear, horror, torment.
-B) Loss of Positive - Sadness.
-C) Gain of relationship - dislike, animosity, enemy (hate).
-D) Boredom - dullness, stark.
-E) Desire for non-existence -Annoyance, Frustration, Anger, Rage.
-F) Desire for non-existence/avoidance - Dislike, rejection, disgust, contempt, loathing.
-G) Failure- shame (trigger rejection), regret.
-H)Too caring - officious.
-J) Cynicism - Is an expectation, a negative future tense consciousness, that should exist triggered by anything that could cause negativity that might happen in the future.
-K) Grudge, revenge.

Surprise can be -/+, depending on the trigger.

Sympathy - is sadness with an ideal hope that things could have gone in the favor of the target.

Empathy is both +/- -- a reflection of the other person's feelings. This can change dramatically, when more than two people are entered into the setting. Say as two men who fight another man. The person may empathize with either side, or one side over the other, in attempts to eliminate cognitive dissonance.

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