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Bio-quantum-thermodynamics of Emotion & Intention

Negative and Positive emotion and intention exist.


Neg - I won't
Pos - I will
Neg - hate
Pos - love

These are responses to a biological control system of the gene-brain system.

Negative is wave-collapse, positive is wave-propagate.

Negative is increased entropy,  positive is decreased entropy.

There is a biological trend that any thing that causes harm, suffering, displeasing feelings, is negative.
There a is a biological trend that any thing that cause care, health/well-being, pleasing feelings, is positive.

Mathematical possibilities:
Starts as 0 set, (equilibrium/neutrality) and than can exist in a negative or positive intensity.

The following maintains that choice is brought into existence by:

1. Fluctuations in quantum-thermodynamic brain-body-world activity.

2. A biological trend to accept positive outcomes over negative. This can be brought on by scrutiny (evaluation) of ends. E1, E2, E3,... are likely to happen according to the intensity of positivity associated with  the ends. One can either do positive or negative things (choosing outcomes).

You decide to do the negative, or you decide to do the positive. Either way, when you don't do the positive, its because of mental entropy of it, and when you do the negative it is because of decrease entropy of it. All is controlled by fluctuations AND reasons. A reason is why something is done. To obtain positivity one must act for beneficial ends. To obtain negativity one must act to hurt themselves. Reason causes fluctuations. The I only can control the self within in the thermodynamic systems of mind-body-world, but with changing states by reason, or automatically without evaluation of ends at a conscious level.

3. Averse-conditioning and pleasure-conditioning which come from repetition of emotional association with the wave-function (activity).

Annoyance -1 Anger -3 Threat, -5 Rage -7, Violence -9....
Appreciation +2, Acceptance +3, Physical contact +5.....

There can be a mixed ratio, with a mixed signal or mixed idea valence. This causes cognitive dissonance, until both states are dismissed/negated (-), or one is chosen over the other having a 1/2 probability in dissonance. In instances of psychological events, the consequence can be harmful and pleasing, or pleasing and harmful. Ex: Things that are require work can be displeasing, but have rewarding ends.

The intentions or feelings can both be felt in temporal order, making them a sequential event. As in, acting (t1) and not acting (t2).

Self-control is a quantum-thermal fluctuation, that is biased towards the positive, since genes have evolved to respond to stimuli with a positive, or life-benefiting response.

 ΔQ = ΔU - ΔW

Change in heat content, equals change in input of energy, minus the work.

  ΔE = Δ F - W

Change in entropy equals change in feeling minus work down.

(F±n) - W= E

The more negative a or positive a feeling minus the work done because of it equals entropy.

(PE +n) = (n+W)

Increased physical entropy, equals increased work.

(Pe+n) + (-F+n) = n+E, and  Δ Pe + Δ F = Δ E

Increased physical entropy, plus intensity of negative feeling equals increase in entropy.

Lewin's equation for behavior is b = f(Environment,Person) where as my equation for behavior is intensity of emotion plus or minus the physical work done.

(F1+n)I>(F2 - n)I = n+(B) F1

If positive feeling is greater than negative, times intention, than behavior of intention F1 has a gerater chance of occurring. This is an mathematical understanding that people make choices based on how positive the Intention/End/Behavior is.

N±E = n±c/p

Greater or lesser entropy equals greater probability of collapse or propagation.

All emotion has a target or an intention.

F1+n - W = (N+C)/p

The greater the negative feeling minus total work equals the probability of collapse.


The greater the feeling attached to the thing the more likely the greater feeling is be felt.

Positive reason/Negative reason = Probability of C/P.

Positive reason = Positive emotion = Care, pleasure, health.
Negative reason = Negative emotion, Harm, displeasure, sickness.

The ratio equals the probability of collapse or sickness.

Example: A hungry tiger, uninhibited by conditioning, will be likely to increase entropy of outside system so as to reach equilibrium or hunger-satisfaction.

(P-E)/(W-n/n+E)/C-Epre) = Te

That which is doing the satisfying is that which will undergo entropy, because it is being harmed, and there will be increased entropy because of work, and entropy will decrease because of the energy consumed (c) by the predator, which equals total entropy of the interaction.

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