Sunday, July 22, 2012


Mental neutrality is possible, but when you are looking at or describing anything without judging it with your emotion, you are still being controlled by quantum forces, which dictate whether or not you collapse the observation into memory or give longer attention to it.

Before judging how an outcome will occur, one might consider starting with a 0 base than considering the possible effects from choosing an outcome over the other/or not doing it.

Ex: Taking a shower:
Does it cause a negative or positive reaction? The very act of acting for an end, must make the end desired. If there is a negative, or aversive reaction, the end is not desired. The generation of the behavior takes work not only desire.

In this way, in theory one can start from 0, and propagate an outcome, that is select an outcome that will give the self an emotional reaction.

Ex: Hug your son:
Will your son be annoyed (a) or reciprocate affection (b) ? Before you give the hug you can ask the person how they might react, or if they want to the same ends you are after, being in this example affection. You may act with this knowledge, and so desire or not desire reciprocated affection.

In this same way communication is key to knowing how to interpersonally function, give or take affection, ignore, talk to, knowing if some one is angry because of something done, etc.

Now it may not be possible to alway start at a zero-point when making judgments or decisions, as:
1. Some decisions are made without thinking about how they will effect you, at a conscious level.
2. Some decisions are made because of being conditioned to do them, say as a habit. In this way too, the habit may not even be thought of as something done because of being conditioned to do it.

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