Saturday, October 20, 2012

Introversion and Extroversion via Emotion

To me, its very interesting to think of the possible connection between emotion and personality. When we think of the two factors of personality being withdrawing into self and expanding and manifesting into others, how does emotion fit into the mechanics?

We might say that certain negative emotions towards others leads to the aversion of others, or that aversion of others leads to negative emotion (see: theory of emotion). The opposite is true of extroversion, following along with the powers of emotion.

Fear, hatred, anger, rejection, sadness, all aimed at others, can all lead one into a greater introversion. Comfort/peace, love, acceptance, and happiness, targeted at others can lead into a greater extroversion.

This is just a simple idea of possible mechanical force connections. It may not be true or correct in all cases, as for example sadness coming from a dead relative might lead one to find comfort in the sympathy and understanding of others. This dual will of emotion is what I have called dualistic behaviors.

An applicable understanding of emotional triggers and introversion and extroversion can be found. Such triggers for extroversion is getting people together, including yourself, and experiencing something that causes some form of emotionally positivity. To become more introverted would thence require some form of positive emotion being by one's self, and aversion towards others.

The ideal or optimal form of these two personality traits is a balance, health. Not to become over-come by or indulgent in either, as one can increase their emotional positivity if they live an extroverted and introverted life, instead of just one.

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