Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Become the ends of your desire

My philosophy is to be aware and to make that awareness a kind of tool you can use when confronting things. For example, one the thing I do is apply word tools (question-words) as in "what is x LIKE" or what will "x cause." Life is an experiment -- thinking of what you can do, and proving to yourself you can do it!

Phenomenology and existentialism tells us, in its philosophy, that we are responsible for ourselves, and that the world is split between being and non-being. By intention and opportunity the self creates itself, gives itself being.

An intention is what Hume started calling, "conjunction." It starts with "wanting an end", meaning intention is desire/cause and end/effect. What should one's attention be? According to rational philosophy intentions should cause self-sufficiency and the ability to sustain the life of those you live with. In capitalism the idea is to make enough profit to pay all your expenses as well as save enough money to fulfill greater dreams. Your money becomes the means of your greater material desires.

 Intending to start relationships, however, doesn't always require financial stability but does require that you start becoming more social. There are plenty of ways any one can think of how that can happen. Being involved in social functions, and even creating them, can offer you more opportunity for bonding. Start a book club, start a organization with single mom's raising children. You can do it.

So from existential and phenomenology we have in this understanding, an idea of intention for material and relationships/family. This kind of thinking works with the law of attraction as well as the laws of karma. The forces of karma are not just cause-effect. Rather they can be thought to be what Lewin calls, "aversion" and "approach", the Stoics called proherisis, "acceptance," and "rejection" what decision theorist call "benefit/determent", "harm/care" and "loss/gain." When you start using these few tools, you will become more aware of what is best for yourself. For example ask yourself, "How will this choice effect me?"

Normally when choosing a career, it is best to think of how much money is in it, as well as how it is effecting society. This occupation is called a social role, or what might be called a purpose.

What does fulfillment mean? It means reaching an end, but it also means fulfilling your biological needs. For this we look at Maslow. Needs can be known so as to obtain homeostasis. He didn't however offer us information about the needs of education. To get a high paying job, one must achieve a certain level of educational qualification.

You are the start of your own ends. Meaning that you and only you can start achieving ends your own ends. These ends are provided by our system, known as opportunity (opp or turn). This is all you need to know, the ends are given, but they don't become your experience till you intend your being into them (what Hurressel calls a bracket).

The best insight comes from within. No one can know you like you know yourself. You are with yourself always.

Remember you don't have to do everything, don't have to give up on doing all the things you can dream of. Plan, position goals in the time of your own creation. Focus on not too much, but enough. Remember, you are the source of your own initiative, you are the desire. Though inspiration can come from with out, desire comes from within.

True power comes from understanding the nature of yourself.

1. Education
2. Occupation
3. Relationships
4. Materials

In all these things there is benefit to be found, happiness to be lived, dreams to come true.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." Einstein

Creativity is more powerful than any force in the universe.

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