Thursday, March 28, 2013

Divine Solution Bias/Practice

Divine solution bias -- Is observed as: The forfeiting of intelligence of self-initiated solutions to human suffering, substantiated by the idea of God being intelligently capable of decreasing human suffering or increasing human well-being.

The initial phase into the Divine Solution Practice, is started in a behavior of praying.

Examples: I pray for world peace. I pray that my brother will not die of cancer.

Theoretically, the divine solution practice, is a response to insecurities or notion of powerlessness to resolve or better the condition of self or other.

This praying can become a positive reinforcement based on

1. By fulfillment - fulfillment of the initial desire in the prayer.

2. By "goodness" of the fulfillment - Obtaining a personal need vs. fulfillment of many more.

3. Social Bias - A result of social reinforcement (number of people agreeing to pray).

This bias manifests itself as a kind of inner power, as in the "Power to do miracles" which is a result of divine solution practice.

Praying itself might be said to create miracles, or to empower the person to overrule the natural order of things. I have observed this many times, the most power-lending coming from a woman who stood in front of a tornado and commanded that god take it away. Its amazing how strongly reinforced these people can be, to thinking of divine power being greater than some of nature's largest threats.

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